Welcome on board of S Y FAIRWINDS 

So here I am. Ireland. It’s quit sunny. 
Sun and green green fields. My first impression of Ireland. The airport is mini, but all well organised and super efficient. 

FAIRWINDS in Crosshaeven, the port and the name of the ship. That was all I knew. These days that’s more than enough to track down a ship. What a gadget, Internet of things. With the information of Seapilot and Google I could figure out where the ship must be. My Taxidriver was a funny guy from Sera Leone, he came to Ireland with the economy boom to participate in the big cake. When I said, I thought he came due to the weather he lought so hard and heartily. You will see, girl. Ireland’s weather is nasty and grey. 

We drove down to the cove… And yes, dominant on the south side of the Marina a large blue steal ship was bading in a few sunrays that just made it through the clouds. 

Walking down the marina a blonde girl came my way. Katarina. Hello and welcome. Crosshaeven marina is a quiet place and there was no daubt I would be the other girl on board. 

A warm but short welcome. Lots to do before we can leave tomorrow. 

Katarina and I as carpenders. 

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