Kinsale to cape clear

Kinsale to Cape Clear, about 45nsm and around 10hours on sea. 

I can feel that I am not used to being on the water for such a while. I freeze more than I should. The steel is cold. Sittin on it or leaning on it is not cozy at all. I am a bit sleepy. But not sleepy enough that I couldn’t  admire the scenery we are heading through. Wales and dolphins pass our way. 

The sea is bumpy, strong headwinds slow us down. But it could be worth. 

It is Norwayday, normally celebrated with champagne and cake for breakfast. 

No Champange today but a cake for later. Katarina created a snickers cake, after she suffered from seasickness the last 10hours. 

Breakfast today was oats with fruits and dinner: captain Fredriks special potato and onion soups.

I can tell something isn’t right, not only that I freeze all the time, I also fludded the toilet. Hello! Sea ventile. 

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