Cape Clear or keep clear. 

Sleep in. I thought that would cure me. Unbelievable. The boat is rolling and so was my sence of balance… I never felt so poorly and it felt worse than yesterday. What now? Pancakes. They’re good for everything, right? And a beautiful walk over the island. I wasn’t sure if this might help or will set me of completly and would rather stay on land than going back to this rolling experience on board. We couldn’t really gather an opinion on weather a break could be good or staying and get used to it would be better.  But yes sure I’d come, too many adventures ahead on which I don’t want to miss out. The polar bears in the Arktik keep me running. So, off we drove, with the dingy to the island. Land d on the old handmade stone peer that could easily be overlooked.  And started our walk… Well Katarina and I stopped at each flower and stone for a picture and the guys patiecly walked a head. Together we found a nice trail, up the steepesed hill we could imagine for the moment. … But what did we think, following the sign “goat farm”?! 

I now can understand the hype that is made about the 1000 shades if Irish green. Standing on the hill overlooking the island, the next island on the horizon, and no patch of gras, field or bush looks the same. And in the east if the island, in the rough sea he is: the Fastnet Rock. 

We follow the road up hill, more ruins than houses, five cows but no goats… We met the postman who kindly adviced us on where to find the farm but that probably today the farmer isn’t there. He wasn’t, but a neighbor, friend and helper saw us and came along to show us around. Yes sure, we just saw three other persons since we are on land. Such a small and lonely green island. But there was a pub…

The friendly neighbor showed us the milkery and the of the goats. The goats like cuddles and shoelaces. All wear bells around their neck. Even the dog. As the farmer actually is blind this makes totally sence. A ice creme from goats milk for the others and we walked back to the dock where we left the dingy. Met person number 5. 

Coming back to the boat FAIRWINDS was rolling even more and it was kind if a challenge to climb up from the dingy. But we made it, of corse. 

Katarina went for a swim after all and could convince Railey to join. Well, nice scenery at least… I took the chance for a little power nap, not feeling comfortable with this rolling in the waves. Damn. 

We had a short trip today, just back to civilization. There was no point in pushing it to much yesterday when the wind will not be in our corner. But today we can finish what was planed for yesterday: Fastnet Rock and Cookshaven. 

But as soon we started moving a bit I couldn’t make any secure step. I tried to role up the anchor line on board, it looks not like made with love. As I noticed that I could hardly bring the fender from fore to aft I decided to just stay put in one corner achtern and wait until it will be over. Can’t be like this forever, right?

15nsm to go. Ca3h

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