Round Fastnet Rock – once in a lifetime. 

Cape Clear to Crookshaven 14nsm and about 3hours on sea. 

The Fastnet Race is known to sailors after the heavy weather that cought the whole field unarmed a cost to manys their life. This was 1979 and still… Fastnet Rock is full of myths. 

One of our milestones was to reach that rock that marks the south point of Ireland. So that’s set for today. 

Out of Cape Clear Island we headed straight towards that distinctively sight and were able to sail with no motor support for the first time since we left Crosshaeven three days ago. What a tribute to Fastnet. And the first time I felt my stomach will be at ease with the situation. What a relieve, a silver stripe on the horizon. 

Long and steady waves, sunshine and wind from a nice angle… A beautiful day to sail such a scenery. Surfing over the waves the rope of our genua bursted with a Big Bang… Would have been too boring otherwise. 

After a hot soup my body started to remember that being on the water isn’t evil and I was able to help with the sails before we choose the perfect stop for anchoring. I can say perfect as I am lying in my bed right now and there is no rolling. 

We’ve been out to the pub for a drink, mine was Irish apple juice, and learned that since this week just in walking distance the new star wars is produced. 

Fredrick cooked for us again. Stue with potato and butternut squash. I got broccoli stir fry with it. That is a good base for a good night. Nighty night. 

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