Crossheaven to Clifden 

145nsm about 24hours on sea. 

I felt poorly yesterday a feel shit today. No other words to describe. The first two hours were fine. Fresh air, a bit of mist in the face and long waves. Wind south westerly, just what we need for a good run. We will also sail past Bowe point, where the new Star Wars film is set up at the moment…But why do I feel so lost, unstable to walk… Katarina had a great idea to make some soup. I had oat meal in the morning with a shredded Apple, it’s defently time to eat something. 

But it came different. This was my first time throwing up on a boat. 🏅

The next 17h I would lay on the sofa in the hallway hoping for better times and trying to catch some sleep. Early in the morning I started to recover and join the shifts as look out. They told me about Dolphin schools and Wales. All I saw was fishing boyes. 

No pictures of this trip and I keep on saying it’s Thursday. Even the tracker was a bit confused saying we made a straight line through land. 

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