Clifden to “up north”

The wind will last another 24h maybe 36h. This is what we figured out last night and the plan was to start with the morning high tide, anyway before low tide as the barrier was a challenge for us in terms of depth on our way in and it wasn’t low tide already by then. 

But plans are plans and might change. 

First thing that changed the plan was crossing the path with Simon last night who gave us his dinghi that we could give a do over and some repairs which needed to be picked up in the morning and the second thing that changed the plan was our little pool in the engine room. But hey: warm lunch in Simons restaurant and a start with the afternoon tide are fine as well. We had to sail overnight anyway. So we could also start with it. 

Up north, before the wind sleeps in and then turns. But, before we leave Ireland we want to fuel the boat. It is ment to be cheaper here than in Scotland. That sets the route and off we go. 

its important to keep track on what we eat, it can easily be to less. This the stirfry Fredrik preparded.
Captain Fredrik preparing some veg, broccoli, chop choi stirfry
calm sea today
i am impressed by the light in ireland, green in different shades.

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