I really never had it so bad. They say it needs a few days until ones has their sea legs on again. Damn it. 

The passage to Clifden was the hardest for me. I was thinking in my mind who I’d know around, where the next airport is and how I could get of the boat. 17h on the sofa. That can’t be the price to see polar bears. 

But hey. I am richer in experience. Throwing up is best with a bucket in your arms and on the fresh air. #firtstime

There is something better than these chewing gums or the acupressure bands that keep me going on the North Sea. 

 I have one of these magic plasters behind my ear, covered up with an even bigger plaster. Side effects? Yes. My senses are a bit more sensitive and I smell the citronella that was spilled in the bathroom months ago and I smell what’s going on in the kitchen, even the opening of new cookies. 

I still don’t walk perfectly confident on board. It will take a bit more time until I have my sea legs back on. But I am happy that I can participate and contribute. 

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