Killybeg is a little fishing town but the biggest of this kind in the region. About 60 fisher oats are based here and a new sports marina is ment to opened next month. The town was famous for their carpets. One actually is still used in Backingham palace and one in the White House. 

But we didn’t visite the factory nor did we had a longer strole between the fisher boats. We went out in the nature, just around the corner. 

Green, Sherpa, hills, green, sheeps, cliffs, blue… The landscape is just stunning. 

Coming back we stopped in our favorite hotel for a shower and loading our gadgets in the lobby. 

Time for grocery shopping. Just 15min walk outside town we found a supermarket. 

The dinner was well deserved.  Spaghetti Carbonara and fir me leftovers from the veg stew from yesterday. 

And a movie before we go to sleep. 

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