“Up north” turned into Killibegs


146nsm 27hours on sea. 

We arrived in Killibegs, a fisher town where we hope to fuel up the boat and sit out the unfortunate winds tomorrow. 

We are anchoring in front of the fishing marina, as all spaces on the docks are reserved for the big fisher boats. 

It’s raining slightly but we need some groceries and a pub would be nice as well. As we were sailing the whole day our batteries aren’t filled up as we need them to charge our gadget so the pub gives us hope for some juice. 

All in the dinghy and off we go. I stumbled when getting of the dinghy on land and nearly fell but just nearly… Still things on the water move for me in a weird way. But I am not sick at all, just slightly more clumsy than usually. 

A mini market had everything we needed for dinner, nachos. And the pub in the harbour, the harbour pub, had some drinks and the hotel next door had heaps of empathy with Katarina and me and we could use their showers -for free. Wow what a feeling to be under warm-hotish water after 6 days again!

The boat lays still in the anchor bay, no swells no rolling. Nice spot. Let’s see if the fisher boats will wake us up in the morning. 

Time to explore the city will be enough tomorrow, we will stay until Tuesday morning. 

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