A short note on equipment. 

After the first 5 days sailing the North Atlantic on the west coast of Ireland this is my fazit:

Shoes: lizards. Defo a great alternative to sea boots. Not as heavy but my feets are warm. Except: don’t combine with ski socks. They keep moist. Just the functional running socks. Speaking of running. I walked in the shoes about two times 40min or so and have a blister on my heal. Nothing major but something unnecessary. I am still not sure if I shouldn’t have taken the boots in the smaller size. I was just in between to sizes and went for the bigger as I was afraid of freezing when they are to tight with warm socks. But they have widened a bit after all. 

Jacket: Musto MPX. thank you dad. This was the best choice that could have been made. The jumper style jacket is just the right length to be jacket enough but not bulky at all. I sometimes take abut longer to get it out and in the days of seasickness I have a little film in my head, not getting out of the jumper jacket quick enough, therefore don’t get out of my pants quick enough, therefore spend to much time trying to go to the toilet, therefore seasick… But on all the other days I am happy to have it! 

Pants: Musto MPX. Yellow. Looks great but sensitive to dirt. But: wind and rain proof. Confirmed. And, you always see where I am, even when it’s foggy. Maybe not when it’s foggy and dark. 

Troja: Rymhart. yes. Wool is great. Warm and the inlay is just perfectly smooth. 

Hat: Rymhart, not as nice as my ahoi! hats but way warmer. Glad to have it with me. 

Undies: merino shirt. In the store they said it is the warmest they have and it won’t smell after wearing it a few days. That sounds disgusting but sometimes it is as it is. And in this case you wish for cloth that don’t smell. And: damn that’s true. So the shirt doesn’t smell… But I do and I need  a shower. I hope for one tomorrow night.(we got a free one in the bay view hotel, they had felt for us girls 😂) I really underestimated the power of wool. And it is so thin and light. Probably need a second one.  My long trouthers are similar but a different brand and thicker. Never go a day without them. 

Another layer: yes, my yoga pants from Nike. I love them as much as the one from sweaty betty. Soft, compfi, and just right for this weather. 

Gloves: I have 4 pairs 🙈 the big ones are my favorite for the night shifts or stirring through the rain. But useless to work with 😂

Soft shell: bench. Way to tight to have a warming layer underneath therefore pretty useless. A proper windbreaker that I could use in a bit rain when my sailing jacket s to much, would be a good

Polarised sunglasses: big enough to be a good wind barrier. Ideal to spot possible hazards to the boat floating underneath the water surface. But I can’t read the iPad that is holding the navigation details due to the way polarised sunglasses are manufactured. 

Note: don’t walk up a hill in this gear. It’s too warm. It’s ment to be wearn in the elements of wind and water. Not in misty weather of an Irish rual town. 

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