Caledonian Canal

29 locks (8 at neptunes staircase) and 10 swing Bridges on 60nsm.

Saturday morning, entering the Caledonia Canal brings a peaceful journey to us, standing in full contrast to our trip from Ireland to Scotland so far. We are planing on being in the Canal for 5 days. That might sound boring, but a little break and a beautyful view haven’t harmed anyone jet. There even should be sunshine the next to days

There is a new theory on Nessi… The Scots in 1804 felt that they need to please Neptun and wanted to treat him on vacation in Loch Ness. Therefore build the staircase that should allow him to come over and bring his dog -aka Nessi. 

Let’s see if we meet the two fellows. 

no wind, no surpises
neptuns staircase, 8 locks for a 20m hub.
a second swedish boat. How little did we know about our common journey in the next days.

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