Sunshine after the rain. 

The main issue on this canal is the opening and closing times of locks and bridges. Today this brought us to this peaceful place, waiting in front of the Lock Kytra, just in time before the rain hit us. I used the time to crochet new hats, as my selling at Neptunes Staircase went super well…

But there is always sunshine after the rain, right? I had a mystical ride in our friends speed-rescue-super dinghy through the fog. Memorable. 

Rusty and I made dinner for everyone on their boat. A creation of caramelized onions, figs, chilly, sweet potato pastinace. The evening was long and we sailed on the digital maps around the world. It’s good to dream. 

Btw, as we are paying money for the canal it is a bit disappointing that toilets aren’t usable or you can’t find a bin to bin litter. 

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