Getting ready once again

There is never such a thing like bordom on board a ship.

We had a bit of ballast in the front that always made us nose diving into the waves, we needed to shift that.

The “new” dinghy we got in Cliften finally got blown up to check the condition and estimate the repair time. Doesn’t look that bad.

Sea fence needs some newshackles, somehow 3 of for chains are to short. That’s ok on the canal but not in the open water.

But what’s going on with the spare sails. Dah, that looks dirty.

And the main? The latch pocket ripped in former times and since then the latch lives inside the boat, in the living area and actually I stumbled over it more than once. We’ve mist the stiffness in the sail on our way up to Orkney as we can not sail as high on the wind as we would for an optimal course tacking against headwinds. So we decided to get that thing in again. Glued and patched the pocket that ripped and wanted to stich it like pros would do. Katarina broke the first needle. We need a proper one to prepare the holes. Where to get one? We asked our way through the industrial area and met Sandy, an engineer from Leasik Marine, who drove us cross the island to find a needle and called friends for their advises as well. A guy called Bryan would be the solution. He agreed on meeting us in the Marina later, the big blue boat with the people working on it will be easy to find. No need to remember the name. Katarina was making waffles in meantime and I cleaned our bathroom. The waffles were more important, she traded one for the needle! And again… Traveling is all about meeting locals and making new friends. I can’t put in words how this major support we get from everywhere feels.

Ok… We finally got the needle to punkture the holes, the needle with the thread still isn’t easy to fiddle in. I broke needle number two. So, we lost two needles by doing three stitches, well that’s an expensive expedition we are on. Last needle, we handle it super careful, our treasure… Snitssssh. The thread bursted. Ok. There is no, absolut no, sence in stitching a sail with a thread that doesn’t even hold the force put on while sewing.

The latch need to go in the patched picked without stitched. Decided, it is.

Enough work left, anyways.

Grocery shopping once again and Katarinas grandiose idea to get Indian take away for dinner.

I check on my flights as I am planing a little detour in two weeks time. The bathroom is the perfect spot for that. It is warmer than outside and the best reception you can get out here as well. We love free Wifi.

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