2pm day 1


It’s my first shift in the new roaster. 
We might not have the wind from the perfect angle but the first time on our journey we have all four sails up. It is just beautiful. The sun is out, the wave pattern aren’t evil. It’s a smooth ride compared to our way up that made us stop in Orkney. I love sitting here and watching the wave pattern and with a closer look I can see different birds playing, bathing and hunting around our boat. We still have islands around us. Naked Orkney island. So it is true, no trees… But some little ruins holding up the memories of old times.  

I am happy. Feeling free. This actually is the only place I want to be right now. 

I am thankful someone invented this seasickness plasters. Of corse the have side effects in long time usage. It is even more important to stay hydrated and it’s said the skin would suffer. And I still smell every type of food immediately. No chance to keep that secret from me. Ok. I rather get wrinkles living my dream than sitting at home worrying about “what-ifs”

I am off at 6pm. Riley is cooking. I get an extra bowl free from everything I don’t like to eat. That’s caring. 

I’ll do the dishes and go to bed. 

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