North East Passage: Orkney to Norway


T-1400nsm in a straight line would bring us to our next destination: Fosavåg. But with the wind a head it will never be a straight line. Taking the way up will at least make it double. 

We’ve changed the shifts from 3h on 4.5h off to 4h and 6h. They’re still overlapping and after 2h the second on duty changes. 

I am in shifts with Riley and Steffen this time. When I start Riley is already on since two hours and I join him for two hours. After this time Steffen comes and Riley is off. Another two hours later Katarina is on and I am off. 

Nights can be pretty long but mainly be cause it’s still fresh. Therefore we get a proper rest and still be able to do something else besides shift and sleep. 

We made a grit for the duties on board: cooking, dishes and cleaning. The one who has a duty today will not have one tomorrow. 

For example: today the cooking is with Riley and the dishes are with me. Everyone else is in charge of cleaning. One task is always involving everybody. The one who had a specific task will be on the everybody duty the next day. 

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