10am day 2


This long sleeps really are relaxing. But I had an interesting dream. We were sailing through blue green waters and sunshine. Good fun on board… A certain someone approached our boat on the water to ask for my hand and offered beer to the captain to buy me free. After a few turns of parle the deal was sealed. I can’t remember if I had a saying in that but I remember he said he’d sail down to the Penguins. So who knows me probably would say that’s a perfect match… But wait…

Unbelievable. They traded me in for beer! 

Confused but happy I start my shift finding Riley sitting in the doghouse… Sunshine outside, no sight of rain. Maybe it got to windy for anyone steering earlier…

Telling Steffen about my dream, we had a good laugh what a dingy that might be carrying so much beer. And we talked about the food party after the deal was sealed. Our boat turned into one of the feast places like I’ve seen it in the Vikings. Best story ever 😂 I should stop watching such things 🙈 Fredrik said they would trade me  just for good beer…. At least. 

We are still to far west but taking would lead us backwards at this time. 

For a short moment we thought a fish would be on the fishing rod. But it was a bird that picked up the pink plastic fish. He let go.  

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