It still is light outside. Not like bright daylight but like on a summer night when the night sends it first shades over the land. In our case the ocean. I should eat something, but breakfast feels wired and anyway I would make a disaster with Musli in this waves. So banana will do. We’ve reached the open water between Orkney and Shetlands. It’s too light for stars but we can three shining on us from behind. We are sailing to fare west, still trying to tack our way up but the angle is just not what we need. Should be more north east than north… As high to the wind as we can and we will correct this further down the line. We are sailing towards the lightest part of the sky, yellow rose-ish shining for us as it would mark the way…I had a good sleep. But still, I am a bit tiered but the fresh wind keeps me awake. 

Sun comes up at 3.50. What a catching moment. I am off at 4am. Preparing my tea for the next shift and off to bed. 

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