4pm day 3 


I  didn’t sleep the whole time off this time. But most of it. At some point the engine was put in power mode and I could hear the waves rushing next to me. The roller on the traveler, that directly above my head, travels up and down, noisy as ever. It’s 1.30pm. Time to search for food and still time to sleep a bit more. 

I tried to rescue my vinegar beans from yesterday with sugar and ketchup. Still yak, but it’s food. I can’t wait for Steffens soup. I hope I still get a bit of it in the evening, maybe even warm. A tea and two hours more rest. 

An interesting movie/show is on. It’s about the power of manipulation and hierarchy. It really is interesting but some how fatal on the other side as well. The methods used in this show are clearly NLP. The same that if studied 2.5years. No wonder that people think it’s evil if it’s used to make someone rob a money transporter. Well, this is the dark side of the power… Anyways, highly interesting.

There is still soup and the soup is still warm. Jackpot! It’s if endless value to have a proper chef on board! This one hits the records. No picture of the soup, it was too quick gone 🙈😂

I haven’t seen the water so green since a while… Maybe that’s because I hadn’t have a afternoon shift in a while or it is how the North Sea looks like above here. The wave pattern haven’t changed and the birds are still chasing each other around our boat. 

Finishing the shift with a series of The Following. It’s a about a serial killer and his followers. Good to kill some time, but not yet addictive for me. As I keep dreaming funny stuff I’d how this effects me tonight. 

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