12pm day 4


All sails are up, this is just the best. Enough wind for sailing with no engine support. I love how the noises in the boat change as soon as the engine is off. Even though my bed is far away from the engine and it’s windy up in the cockpit the sonor vibrations are constantly present. The change of the noise woke me up, happy and smiling.

I got up earlier for this shift, doing some socializing and the dishes. There is still soup from yesterday. You get a picture this time and I a bowl full of it. Jippiiii. 

No waves but steady winds around 4bft the headwinds are turning more sidewards which gives us a knot or even 2 more speed. 

Riley is reading his book “H is for Hawk” about a women in greave about her fathers dead. 

I feel inspired and go back on my “the girl on the train”. 

As it is all about food out here I have to learn to steer and eat at once. I probably can do when we reach Norway. Until then Steffen needs to hold my bowl. Fredrik made delicious smelling veg stew with potato mach and he released my after awhile. His food were anyways still too hot, he said. But I will learn it. It’s getting better time by time. 

My shift is over and everyone is up. We didn’t had this for a long time. Must have been us leaving the Orkneys four days ago. 

Katarina is backing cinnamon curls, they smell fantastic. Until they are ready we all sit upstairs watching “the following” and enjoying fresh air. 

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