10pm day 4

What a night. Finally the wind picked up but I a way that I was literally kicked out of my bed. Trying to make my way up to Riley I flew from my room into the bath room. Counting bruises is worthless but I could offer some nice ones for sure. 

The waves start to get bigger and transformed into little mountains with snow on. Fredrik comes up, checking on us and trying to steer smother through the waves. They come in zick zacks now. It feels like the night coming up to Orkney. But this time my plaster work well and no sign of seasickness at all. 

Unfortunately Steffen is having stomach ache, like food poisoning he said. Nothing to laugh, as I might have a hard time in my bed anyway I take over his shift. Maybe I can make up a bit for the first night in Ireland when I was so seasick. 

The wind and waves do their thing and loosen our foresail that was tied to the fence and drag it in the water. It’s wet and heavy. I try to hold the boat with wind back winds from port. Didn’t workout and the boat jives and Fredrik gives me a proper ticking off. 

Fredrik is tiered as well as this night has messed up the whole shift system. Katarina and I will keep on steering for a while. After 7.5h I go back to bed, finding the wood fence to keep me from falling out of the bed knowing this wasn’t the last shift. Katarina saw land in the gray of the horizon but between us and the darker blue dust there lays a choppy dance floor. Riley will come soon and take over from Katarina. 

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