500nsm, I am sure that’s understatement but haven’t yet calculated the real outcome. 400nsm in a straight line, 2/3 of it taked will be around 700… Sounds too much. I’ll do the math later. It is just not important right now. 

We are in Fasnavag. We get greeted outside by Magnus in his motorboat, an old friend of Fredrik and Steffen and as it happens Steffens apprentice back in the days. 

Fasnavag is a tiny fisher village with a guest pier a long the restaurant. But it is a harbour. After four days on the water my only desire is a shower. Wooohooo. There is a washing machine in the shower as well. For free. Yay. That is awesome. Foxy clever washing while showering. But figuring out which program would dry the cloth wasn’t so easy. All written in norwegian I figured out that one program would be warm 30min. Sounds good. But didn’t dry my cloth. More like warmed them. Maybe that’s if you want warm cloth we you come out of the shower. But wish program would you use if you want dry cloth when you come out of the shower? I switched through the program and after I really hadn’t anything to to in the bathroom anymore I decided to hang dry them on board. We are staying 2 days, this will be fine. 

In the evening Magnus and his partner for the new restaurant came to visit us. Also could we welcome our new crew members Maya and Manu who are going to move into my room and I will move over to Steffen. 

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