A day in Fasnavåg. 

The night was short, this bright nights don’t give me a sight to go to bed… Well you might say that I could have realized that everyone else managed to go to sleep and it was just me sitting with my new book on the sofa till 3am… But… Could have been they are just gone fushing…

I moved under Steffen in the back of the boat. I am not sure if it’s a bed or a Storage, a shelf in a closet, it has a mattress, though. But I had to try different ways to climb in, a hand fits between my shoulder and the ceiling. Ok, that is enough room. But some how it wasn’t getting warm and cozy. Next night I will fill up my warm flask again, good to have it with me. It solves a lot. 

So the night was short. I got up early and went for a longer walk through town and in the hills behind. Chatted to my father, the first time since a while that we really had time to catch up since I left Ireland. The invention of mobile telephone is just great. I still remember how I used to search for coin phones to give a short notice that all is ok. Btw. I haven’t seen one around. 

The most impressive thing that I found on my strole was a shelter of postboxes in front of a little hill. I wonder how far out of town these houses are, that they have to pick up their mail here…

We spend the rest of the day with duties around the boat and some more little walks in the area. 

Steffen and Fredrik are fixing the Dinghy we got in Clifden and building a new solid floor for it. It should transport us through Svalbad, it needs some more liquid rubber but will be good. 

Katarina, Riley and Maya went fishing and Mara and wanted to check on them but couldn’t found them first. Behind the grocery store, left, on the rocks… We came through an old fish fabric, along an old ferry, that hope isn’t in use any more to a Linley facility hut and a fence that marks the end of the property but doesn’t have any function. Doesn’t look like a idyllic fishing spot here. Well. Let’s see, maybe the changed their mind and are on the other side of the harbour. It’s all pretty smal here, the other side isn’t fare, just back to the boat and 5min more. 

Passing the boat we help with blowing up the dinghy again instead. They blew it up, measured, cut the wood, deflated it to fit the panels in and inflated it again. Repeat five times… Now it can go on a test drive, even though some water is coming in. 

Mara and will keep continuing our search for the fishers. Thanks to technology we now know there position. Climbing over rocks along the coastline we finally find them. Just 10m from where we first we’re looking, next to the fence, down the rock. At least we know a quicker way back. 

But the fishing outcome wasn’t what expected. The fishers eat the shrimp if the fish don’t want them and we walk back to the boat. As always, the rods just hanging on the side, just in case a fish might want to come to check out our kitchen. 

We do what we do. Sitting, talking, eating dry mysli and thinking a bout dinner or drinks… One rod is bending and… A big cot is on board. 

Ok, but that’s not enough for 7 people. The mission is clear. 

Calling the others that are still out there testing the dinghy to tell about the catch and synchronize dinner plans. “We got a cot.” -“We saw it. “. Right. already insta-face-tweeted it. How could they not know. 

So the plan is simple, some go out and catch some more fish and some stay and in a while we cook dinner, tacos will do. Fish for lunch. 

Maya, Riley and I decided to have the x-th walk through the area and get some drinks from the grocery. Well… There is a sign saying: You can’t buy alcohol after 8pm. Oh. It’s just cider and beer. Maybe this doesn’t count. I felt like being 15 hoping no one would ask for my ID to by a can of cider. No chance, they knew it’s past 8pm and yes, cider and beer are considered as alcoholic beverage. Ok. Now we know. 

So we stick with what we have. Orange juice and ginger tea for me. 

The “we go fishing for an hour”-hour is way past. I cook up a quick meal with gnocchi and mushrooms. Rosemary turned out to be curry powder. Damn it. Well curry gnocchi it is.

It’s getting late. I guess the others are with Magnus or otherwise enjoying them self. Right time to go to bed. 

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