Fasnavåg to Ålesund

20nsm, so just around the corner. Getting everything ready always takes some time with us. 

It’s getting a bit cozy in our back now… Everything on board, water fueled up, gasoline fueled up…

Now one challenge… The bridge that stands between us and the open water. Might it be high enough and where is the highest point of it. A red lamp marks a spot. Could be the highest point, but why does one make it lower by putting a lamp UNDER the bridge. A marker infront could have done as well…anyways, we fit underneath. 

One challenge managed just to come to the next. Waves are shaking us. Estimated time will be around 7h. Let the fun begin. 

Two wine glasses didn’t made it through the waves but no further damage can be reported. I feared a bit for my shower bag that I just stored in kind of a rush in my bed box. But, no, all where I left it. 

Steffen and Riley were cooking unimpressed by the waves. Bacalao with the catch from yesterday. As we will not be in the harbour before 9pm I expected a midnight meal but… Surprise surprise. 

Manu and Fredrik are preparing fishing hocks. Our boat turns more and more in a fishing gear box. Maybe the store in Fasnavag can close down for the rest of the season. Buckets, ropes, hooks in different sizes and fancy baits… 

It would be my turn to do the dishes. But as there is the broken glas underneath the dirty dishes I’ll wait until we’ve docked. So enough time to upload a few pictures. 

The TUI cruise ship Mein Schiff left the fjord when we steered towards Ålesund. In 2009 it was christened in Hamburg. I remember was a big party and fuss on the Landungsbrücken. I have missed all the big ships in Australia, somehow we’ve been not in the right spot. It’s good to see them again. But I understand, big ships, industrial harbours and cranes are probably just romantic for a little percentage of people (mainly with an affection for Hamburg😂)… I like. Good to be back. 

Hmm could be that THIS isn’t the Marina in Ålesund. But it looks as this spot is free… Tide will go down a few more centimeters, hopefully not more otherwise we might be pushed under the concrete, not so good for the fence… Let’s keep an eye on that. 

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