OMG. I just found THE spot. 

I was having a late night strole through town, my warm flask in my arm… I was originally on my way to bed. But… Obviously I did it. Just as I decided to do so our fishing crew came back and the peaceful night vibes vanished and excitement and activity came back into the boat. I struggle to sleep when it never gets dark, if I don’t go now… I will again end up sitting and chatting, eating, reading, till the morning. 

So I agnoledged their successful catch of fish and the treasure of dinghy number three and walked off. 

What I found was just cool. Super cool. The fender sofa infront of the fireplace is compfi and cozy. That’s perfect. A beautiful place to share a drink and some thoughts. If just there were someone to do so….

Around the corner it’s getting even better. A bird nest swing, a slag line and however this donut is called. I will hang out in that swing for awhile and embrace the view overlooking the harbour. Oh how happy I am that I brought my warm flask… Happy happy times. I might just stay here. #Keepexploring 

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