Busy on the dock

There is always something to do, it just can’t happen otherwise. As Fredrik got that other dinghy, it needs fixing. 

I will leave the crew for a sidestep and therefore need to pack my stuff. But before that we girls were in town. Maya internetting for jobs gnaws a bit on my conscience. Manu and I are hunting for Arctic merino underwear. We hoped that we could find the “expedition” strength. And indeed. A sports store had a secret basement full off gear for offshore fisheries. So there are now two girls in men undis – woohoo. 

I really take advantage of the free space on deck while the dinghy is up on the dock for repairs. 

It’s perfect weather for packing my stuff outside. A seniors travel group from Germany is staying in the Hotel and some came towards our boat for a chat. I take eaven longer for packing but there is no pressure and I enjoy to speak German again and share about our adventures that we have made and future plans. I sell some heads and get relationship and life advise for free. I love that. (Dear travel group from Minden, you made my day!)

Steffen says it were obvious that I am German due to my strict order of the bag in bag systems. Well you can’t see it yet but… It’s true. I have everything always in the same bag which goes on the spot in the bag. Searching for things makes my crazy especially in wind and waves…. So, call me crazy, pedantic or neurotic. That’s just fine. 

PS: we were sitting outside after our night out and it hit me like boom. There is one thing I move for flights. Well two…the gas patrone for my life west, that I did. But also the night optic for my camera. It usually lives in the bag with my underwear (fresh!) and first layer as all the single peaces keep it safe. But for flights I’d rather have it in my backpack. Damn. I forgot about it. Steffen and I philosophied about its safety and agreed it would be fine were it is and does not need to be rescued to be put in my backpack… I could go with this insight for 10min. Then I went downstairs and ripped my bag apart to get the optic. Needs must. 

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