We are docked and what happens is classic: sitting around the table with a beer and chatting. This could be endless, it’s kind off entertaining but aren’t we here to also see something? It is summer music festival in Ålesund anyways. Somewhat 10.30pm we manage to leave the boat to go out, get up that concrete wall as it is still low tide, it’s a bit of a climb. 

We pass the peaceful promenade and a chic Marina. This so different from the gray industrial fushing charme of Fasnavåg. 

A methods with proven record to find the best place to go is to stop locals and ask for their favorite place…

ID… What?! I let the security girl know I’d live on a boat and the passport us with the skipper as he always cares for our visas. She looked at me…

Dresscode… Somehow if missed that part. I wear black nike running pants and a black jumper under my colorful fleece and pink thermo vest. Pink trainers, of course…

Ok, you are in, she smiled. Wounder what was on her mind. 

Obviously I’ve not been aware of what might come across. The girls in this place all wear chic and fancy dresses and heels, I freeze just by looking at some but must say the style is way more tasteful than I was used from the UK. Why does that parallel cross my mind? Because of the temperature. 

We order drinks. My cider costs 120 Krona, that’s around 13€! That’s redicilouse. Welcome to Norway. 

We have a good time. Talking to each other. I enjoy getting to known the new crew better, catch up with Fredrik and just listen to the life music. 

A girl in black with red lipstick starts talking to me. Hey, how are you, where you from, what ya doin… All that stuff. Well, our story is cool. Can’t say any other than that so it’s always easy to impress people with it. But Serina was interested in a different way. She really wanted to share her Ålesund with us. She showed me three must go places on Google. She is leaving tomorrow as its end of term, therefore can’t show us around on the weekend, but how about she takes me for the sunset point to the sunrise? Tonight? -Seriously? Yes I am in for that! 

Her friend Therese joined Our conversation and was introduced to the plan. Yes, she is in as well. They are celebrating the end of their first year on the nurse school and that’s a sunrise climb worth. 

Waiting outside for more people to join Therese gives me a look: you haven’t been wearing this all night, have you? – Ofcourse I did. But obviously had no one noticed that I was wearing gym wear in a fancy night club 😂 and now I have the perfect shoes for our mission.  In the end a pretty group of people making our way up the 400 something stairs to the Fjellstuta. 

It really is a fantastic view. I am grateful for meeting such people along my travels.

The night ends with obligatory backed potato, what is the place where everyone finds each other again after a night out. 

Therese walks us back to the boat which happens not to be far from the potato place. In the boat we find the full crew awake. Hey, it 4am!

And: it’s still diner left that Steffen cooked. This man is an awesome chef…

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