Barbecue and music festival. -Ålesund live 2016


This weekend is the Ålesund live music festival, you can here the bands playing all over town and even on our boat, what doesn’t mean at all you could understand what is played but enough to know that something is going on in town. We will meet the others in a park overlooking the concert. On the way we stop by at the supermarket to get some stuff to put on the barbi. Hotdogs sausages is  men’s choice and peppers and mushrooms for me. 

The light up here is so golden and fascinates me. Sitting here overlooking the harbour I really don’t care that I don’t know yet where I am going to sleep the next night, as Fredrik and the crew will hit on towards north as planed on Sunday morning. I have one more day in this beautyful town. Maybe I will just sit here and watch the sun go down and come up again…. Here or up there on step 418 were we’ve been the other day. 

The music festival features popular local (Norwegian/Swedish) bands. The band playing is called dumdum boys and I quit like the tunes, not understanding a word, though. 

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