62* Nord


After accidentally catching some Snapshat of me working on my business and life concept, financial plans and webpage. I took the occasion to talked with a hologram of my future me about how things will be. They will be great!✨
There must be something with me and the coordinates in this world. The first time I had it crystal clear what my WHY is, what my idea of life is and how I will secure the way to it was me sitting on a beach on 42* South (Tasmania). 🌏 Life happened and I lost my compass, my bearing and the strength and confidence to go that way. Now I am on 62* North 🌍 (Norway), were sitting in the dock of the bay, taking a deep breath. The feeling is back. I have it back. It’s stronger than ever. Here I go. ☄I got out of my own way. Don’t believe it – just watch. 

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