Heimathafen – port of registry 

There is one thing that I should do at very first. I need to get rid of my monster bag. It’s cool, yellow and looks so adventures but still, it’s a bag and I don’t feel like huffing around with it on the streets of Hamburg. 

Or is this just an excuse to visite the boat and see the guys straight away. And does it really matter? We all new I couldn’t be without a boat for long. 

I took the train down to Landungsbrücken to catch a ferry. This is a historical place. Landungsbrücken means pier, THE pier. It’s so old and had a diverse history, in was build and 1839 in order to simplify the coal handling and protect the city from the risk of fire. The “new” building is from the beginning of 1900. And instead of coal cargo ships cruisers used to leave from here into the world, overseas, into the land of dreams. 

And this is how I always feel embarking an ferry, and even though I am just going to Finkenwerder, a 20min ride, I feel adventurous, brave, free and bold. 

The weather is like a typical day, gray. Not just one shade, it’s a special grayish collection. Light and dark. In Hamburg you know that the world is not black or white. 

Hamburgs waterways are always busy, a pilot docks on a cargo to guide them through the tide safely towards North Sea. 

The old rock, called “alter Schwede” – old Swede, lays steady on the beach, not caring for the weather, beach is always his spot. It’s good to know that somethings never change. 

And just around the corner, I’ve reached my destination, well for now. Finkenwerder. 

The boats are on the pier, all three, so the guys won’t be far. 

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