Here we go again. 


My bags are on the edge, probably over. A scale could have come in handy… I mean while packing not on the airport. I need to remember the way it is split on both of my bags for the next flight. Norwegian Airshuttle was very polite, tolerant and empathic. I have booked two suitcases a 20kg. I don’t have 40kg. Well yes, with hand language, yes but that doesn’t count as hand language in 10kg on top. Means 50 in total. I don’t have 50. So, I packed the yellow one full and the rest in the blue one. The yellow was unfortunately 31.3 and the blue one was already gone. I took the hammo out, sleeping bag and my book. 29.1. Solved. Language is checked through to Hamburg. I start to get tiered. Still 1.5 hours to go until the flight goes. Maybe I find a couch to crash on this time. I mean, I even have a sleeping bag…

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