We all new I couldn’t be without a boat for long, right?

So this is my sidestep, the reason I left Norway, FAIRWINDS and the crew for: A Gibsea 43ft and a fun crew I had the pleasure to sail with last year. This is also the boat I’ve learned sailing on, found my passion for navigating and had my practical SSS Exsam on. – Yeeees I know, I need to do the theory. I will, promised.- This boat was my home for about two month, as was the classroom of the sailing school (www.yachtschule-eichler.de)

Niko and Thomas are already here, they started the big clean out and I am well impressed how shine everything is. 

Still loads to do. We split jobs. I will take care of the kitchen, check on sharp knifes and make a selection on the cutlery, we have about 20 spoons… but not before I had a chance to chat to Johanna, her baby girl is due in three weeks. It’s good to see her around so happy. We met last year in May and haven’t seen us since but it feels like we know each other for ages. She came down to the pier when her partner called her to let her know I am here. I got a bit red, overwhelmed by so much attention… 

It get’s crowded as the everyday life on a boating school pier is in full tune. I feel at home. I am just happy. 

Let’s get to work. 

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