Were do you sleep tonight?

So, the boat is on its way up north, right? Even though I was making fun of the little box that I was sleeping in the last few days, it was a sort of bed… As this weekend Ålesund hosted a popular music festival, all hostels are booked out or redicilously expensive. There is no way I’d pay that. Couch surfing… Not such a scene here. I wrote to 15 people and got not one response. Well… Don’t mind. I have my hammock anyways, it’s light outside and not especially cold. 

But it comes differently….

Don’t ask 😂🙈 just don’t, how this can happen to stay in a coffe place that closes at 6pm. 

I am redicilously busy to work on my web presence and over thinking the business plan. Getting there… Hussle mode on. 

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