Like yesterday. 

This are Anne’s words when she opens the door for me. Hahaha yes. It wasn’t yesterday but it is like always. Anne is my home in Hamburg, as I was hers for a long time. We are kind of fly in fly out roomies. The best I can imagine. 

We need some groceries she also said, I need a shower, I said, and maybe my close as well, so better first things first and off we go. Actually I start to realize why we are shopping pretty at the end of our tour through the store. 

She wants me to cook the zucchini fritters she likes so much. 😂 but I am not allowed to spice them, as we do have a different understanding of “not too hot” 🌶🌶. So spices are Anne’s part. We chat and surf the net, only a half eye on the food. Lol, girls. But all good. 

We made a massive stock but somehow we “tasted” a pretty lot if them away. 

Anne got a little pic from me, I knew she fell in love with this one, it’s name is rosa and its handmade by a Berlin designer… but who buys them self a cuddly? I smuggled it into her bed and she only realised it is there after I’ve left the next day. Surprise surprise. 

This is the picture she send me asking how the hell Rosa came in her bed without Anne noticing it. True, we left the house together, Anne brought me to the train station, so we had some more time to chat. But Rosa was laying in the bed the whole time while we were getting ready to leave, just unnoticed. Hihihi

In the meantime I am sitting on the train to see my family for a few days. My chequered shirt was victim of a permutation this morning. It got mistaken for the dishcloth, maybe I’d over think my fashion choise 🙈 maybe not. Anyways… Traveling and listen to some jazz is just great. 

And I can agree on that graffiti: freedome for life.

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