Time machine: next stop childhood. 

LVR Openair museum Kommern is a place  where we spend many family time walking through the huge collection of relocated houses out of the Eifel region. 

Windmills, farmhouses, a school, a blacksmith… Everything put me in a time machine, I got totally absorbed. 

This Saturday was planed for a family excursion ever since we knew I’d be around. I was keen to go to Kommern, I haven’t been here since 1999 and the family was cool with that. 

It’s a typical wet summer day, cold when it rains and to warm for a jacket when the sun comes out. The museums main character is its wideness, and woods between the different villages which are restored like in former times.

On the way up to the reception a massive wood construction greets us. It was used to measure the land. And really one has a good view over the land from here, wonder how far the vision would be from up there…

The park is all kids friendly with a bit different playhouses on the playground. This one is a cathedral with colorful windows. It was a joker. 

The windmill was the highlight when I was a kid. This one was a used to ground wheet. I remember that one summer when the mill was actually in use and grinding. I was so impressed on how it all works together and even a an old wood wagon with a horse came to pick the flour up for the backery. It all comes to life again, just by standing in front of the mill. 

Imagine,this would have been your school desk!

Being on a Tour with the kids always means breaks for food. This is the smartest way I’ve seen so far. Heating up babies food on the hat rack. 

I really enjoyed the trip, it was like in my childhood days. The blacksmith wasn’t on duty today but the grocer were. I also remembered more farm animals. Pics and chickens did we see, gooses a swell, but non photo bombed. I learned that on the national day of mills all mills will be in use. So, there is a reason to come back. 

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