Early birdy – Finkenwerder/Hamburg 

What a morning. 

Niko got up, he was kind and tried not to wake me up. But I am anxious and awake anyway…  I can hear them talking to Thomas, maybe I should get up, it’s bright outside anyways. Breakfast?! I love the light in the morning and and the fresh a bit moistured air… this morning comes with perfect calm water. I am sitting on the bay, bare feeted and just happy. 

Niko brings one of the boats on the other side of the pier, we just can park the boats on the more sheltered side with around high tide due to the water depth. 
I guess this should have been the moment when I could have realised that it is way to early. I know the tide table for today. First is 6am. But it took me a while… Until I had a glance on boat clock. What?! 5.30. 

I guess I’ll have another pre-breakfast nap. 

What a happy morning. 

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