Fuuuuel! – pit stop Ijmeuden

We feel we need fuel, we obviously calculated pretty conservative, we’ve used half of our capacity (260) and around 4l an hour instead of 5. 

So we fuel 136l back in. Couldn’t be any more annoying than hanging out in the blue with no wind and no fuel. 

We also decide to stay for a few hours, cook some food and go again after the next high water. We choose this port as it looked like a pit stop on the motorway in the maps. Like easy in and easy out, no long turns from blue water into a marina. 

We get fuel and next to us we can admire one of the Volvo ocean racer from 2011… 

Well the Port Ijmeuden is what we’ve expected. But it doesn’t have a ship shop, so we got picked up the owner of Hermans marine http://www.hermansmarine.nl and shutteled to the shop in town. Happy with enough courtesy flags and a proper deck broom we get back to the boat. Men clean, women peel potatoes. Where the world is still ok. 

We are enjoying the break. 

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