Sunset cruise – U-turn back to Ijmeuden 

Cast off, we have a pretty leg infront of us. Calais would be great but wind and wave might gave different plans. We know the plan B harbours like Oostende and Den Haag. We just want to make distance, towards the Channel Islands to spend as much time there instead of along the coastline of the Netherlands. 

So we leave the habour, heavy weather gear in easy access and the storm sail prepared. It sounds ironic. We made 250nsm so far and were able to sail 10 of them. 

While leaving the habour we hear a pan pan call of a sailor that run out of fuel, just close to the habour. The might have struggled the same windless conditions. Now we are going out there expecting everything we missed out on so far. 

We keep track on the weather forcast and have always an eye on the sky. 

There is rain in the distance, the auf is warm and clouds cover the sky in blocks. 

The light changes from golden back to a cold blue. 

Locals are still fishing. The sunset regatta is still running and a couple even is kajaking out here. They should know, right?! Heavy weather… The only singn we get from the locals are the birds flying high high up in the sky. 

The horizon is turn g gold again, in the distance we can see the traffic dividing zone. Our main concerns are the current around Calais and the traffic on the way around Rotterdam. Waves, current and wind against us will set us backwards and being so close to the traffic dividing and Maas Entrence we won’t have enough room for tacking in case of headwinds. Anyways.

 The scenery is just beautiful and we still have space for a tacking corse. So we finally can set sails again. A long missed silence turns back. 

I am happy, Niko is skeptical. But, sails are up. Embrace the moment. 

The sun goes down. How damn beautiful. 

This picture is why I am out here, why I can’t get enough of water, the way I found my inner peace… It so calm, mystic and powerful in one. The sun goes down and tints the sky in pink. The sky pattern have changed. 

We still have an ear and and eye on the forcasts. Thunderstorm risk is rising. And we can see the cells running over in the rain radar. There is no way we make it till Den Haag. So, what’s the alternative. 

This certain feeling comes up. We are turning around, back to where we were. It’s about 1,5h, nothing appropriate will be closer and we know already what we can expect from Ijmeuden. No one of us would ignore a subcontious warning. A 360* degree view offers us diverse sky pattern. The air gets thicker, smells like summer. I don’t see any birds anymore. 

We come closer, as does the weather. 

I have an favel for lighthouses. They are not always beautiful but so important to us. A guiding light. 

We come back just in time, first lightning a strike as soon as we have docked. 

The sky is still senic, we don’t talk about what ifs. We are back and are looking forward to a peaceful night sleep. 

The next morning, we hear it in the news. Rotterdam was flooded tonight, fires and damages. 

We made the right decision to search for shelter early enough. Thank you subcontiousness, thank you gut feeling. 

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