North Sea: Germany to the Neatherlands 

Still no wind. And still not yet there. 

We can embrace the calmness of the sea, chill out, take pictures, admire the moon, check out an oil rig, cook and Nico can dry his sleeping bag. No wind doesn’t mean no waves at all. Some how the hatches over our bed are leaky. Well, we should fix that sooner than later. But for now Niko needs to dry the damage. For what reason ever the water keeps running on his side, even though the hatches are in the middle of both. 

Georg and me are playing inverted minions out there and Markus chilles in the cockpit and Markus sings us songs. 

White beaches are covering the coastline until an industrial area comes up. Oh I guess we’ve reached the next waypoint: Ijmeuden

maybe the minion trick will give us some extra speed.

Dietgar andMarkus, philisophing over life.

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