How a walk ends up in a chamber orchester – Scheveningen /Den Haag

The story begins with: We walked into town to buy a harmonica… 

I’ve never played a harmonica, from childhood memories I remember that they can be awful noisy and annoying. 

There is this Song… Sittin on the dock of the back, it sticks in my head, and this song made me wish for a harmonica. I want to play it, while sittin on the dock of the bay… So this is my new toy:

Georg found himself one as well. And Manfred…. He came as shopping consultant, played the harmonicas and supported us in the decision making. 

He also gave a private concert on at least 4 different guitars… Well one played on its own he said…

We were sitting and enjoying the super idea of a coffe shop in shop with a music store while Manfred was still flirting with at is one special guitar. 

An open stage event was going on in shop as well. Can’t imagine a better place 😂. 

Manfred took that 100 year old lady from Vienna home. 

But this wasn’t the last guitar deal sealed over a coffe. Niko is the new owner of a customised travel guitar in a cool blue case. He hides away playing with it but I will get a pic eventually.  We can look forward to “nothing else matters”, one day. 

The guitar sleeps in our bed. Any questions?

PS: this is Niko with his toy, caught him. 


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