Netherlands to France

Next stop? Let’s see. Calais would be great but we just have a small time slot that we can use to slip by before the current is too strong against us. 

Again, we have headwinds so there isn’t much goining with sailing. Again. 

Life on board is sweet. Thomas searches for the good stuff and Markus (magic Markus) conjures a meal that has something for everyone. One thing is for sure. Sailing without a passionated cook on board could be a disaster. Lucky we have Markus!

One little story of the night. There was this big boat anchoring in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t mind as we were happy firm some tackable winds and fighting our way. 

Then, a call in the radio: please keep clear and hold a distance of 5 cables. Ok, if that’s how it is, we tack back. In our next tack we kept an eye on the big uncle. Would they warn us again or blast with water canons initially? And when the radio called us again we were like, no we can’t be to close. But all that they wanted to let us know was, that they have a cargo ship on their other side. Well, we knew as we have a plotter and radar running but how kind of them to let us know. Anyways, we couldn’t see the danger in it as the cargo is behind the big one and we are tacking over here. Then we saw the disaster. The cargo turned 90 degrees came around the big uncle and straight towards us. Honking us out of the way. Sorry but that’s not British potitness, it’s our call here to stay on track and he should make its way around us. Not honk us away. But we follow the gentle advise and run. 

We observed the spot on the plotter for a bit longer and could figure out that it might be a common procedure to the cargos to turn here 90degrees even though you can’t find this marked anyhow in the maps. Now we know. Rotterdam outbound isn’t to be taking easy. 

We pass by Calais, the Chantal isn’t wide here at all. England to our starboard and France to our port side. Another waypoint ticked in our journey. 

And a seal came to say good day. 

We will continue to Boulonge sur mer. 

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