France to England

We leave Boulonge sur mer in the afternoon hours. 

Back to Calais and then crossing over to Dover. This is how it looks like. A group of four comes along, followed by a set I 11. Do we better make it now. The crossing takes us 1.5h full concentration, one ship in focus. Step by step. It is an adventure, even tough we are all used to trafic in Hamburg and trafic dividing zone in the German beight. This is one step more. But the theory behind it is the same. I am down there on the plotter, own and paper with me. I feel like in my element. 

How releasing to see the rocks of Dover. 

We made it. 

The next 3 hours we tack in front of Dover habor, that’s frustrating but eventually we will make it towards Brighton. Like tomorrow midday….

We had to turn an extra round infront of the habor of Brighton. ETA: never. This plotter says it in just one word. This way is the wrong one. 

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