Brighton premier marina

What nice welcome! We’ve called Brighton marina to notify our arrival. There is a notes to marinas stating that entering the habor 2h each side of low tide isn’t possible. Well, we state,  we are coming 1300. Brighton marina agrees, we should give a notice briefly before arrival. We have ETA of 15min. We thought, we dreamed. What ever. We didn’t consider the time difference that just happened to be between leaving France and reaching the UK. So, 10min later we call again just to be told in a polite way that it would be helpful to be able to read the time. 

So we play another hour out there. We were all super tiered after being on the water since yesterday. We had a heavy night with two outfalls, so the shift system was kind off mixed up. Overtired but happy to see a silver stipe on the horizon we are turning done donuts and try some manoeuvres. 

In the lock we get a private pilot to guide us through the habor, her name is Alice and she has a perfect spot for us: right next to the marina pub. Thank you. 

By the way. Who remembers my post about drinks in Norway were I paid 14€ for a cider? This one came in a double pack for 5GBP=6€. 3€ each.  Just saying

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