A stormy night. 

Jep. That was the right decision. The storm is howling out there. We are so lucky to be looked in the inner habor. Not only are we next to a great pub, we also lay much calmer than in the sports marina. Rumors are that it could be a challenge to visit the bathrooms. I am ready to face it, offshore gear and life vest. I get some knowing smiles. But, I will keep the last word on that. 

Of course we can’t just read online what is goining on around us, we need to check it out our self. We walk to the west pier. To our disappointment it is closed. (Wonder why…) when I try to take a picture and raise my hands for that the wind blows me half a meter backwards. Georg gives me wind shadow and I am happy to have my lifebelt. 

Waves are branding on shore. Spray is jumping over the quay. It looks like a shower. 

We make a detour in the outer marina. The water is cooking, wind is strong and I chose a pier lamp to hook me in. When Georg and Markus us the same lamp to hold tight to, I realize I should have taken the cleat. 

There is barely a chance to take a clear picture. It’s shaken or blurry. But anyways. We know what we saw. My life vest isn’t the center of jokes anymore, people wish they have brought there own. 

On our way back we rescue the gel coat of a boat that was pushed against the pier while a wave had towed a fender from the side on the pier. The three of us push back that boat and relocate that fender. You are welcome. 


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