Premier marina day tour

What to do when the warmfront hits you?

Wind forcast for the later afternoon is southwesterly 6-7 in gusts up to 9. So, we wouldn’t make it in time before the weather would hit us. In ya face. 

So we stay insight. Catching the few sunrays and making the best of it. 

While we are sitting with cider, beer, wine and apple crumble we notice that we just checked in for one night and our tokens will run out at midnight and we won’t be able to use the bathrooms any more. Well,  none was free willing to walk through that rain to pay for the next night and extend the tokens… I just called in, explained, that we made friends with the pub and somehow missed the tide (in other words: we would have got a bloody nose out there) and therefore are still in th habour. I had Alice on the phone. The lovley girl that was our pilot on the way in. She lought. No problem. A hell extend the tokens in the system and we should just pass by the next day when ever it suits. That’s customer service. 

The day doesn’t show what is promised for the night… 

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