Brighton downtown

Another day in the marina?!? No way. It’s raining, keeps on, and on and on. 

We jump on Bus no 7, we pass by the beautiful white houses that are so typical for English sea towns. Brighton pier isn’t far. And it’s still raining. While some super brave surfers are playing in the waves we are having some fun in the fare and play dance coaster. Boosting the steps that Nico and I collect daily to challenge us over the period of the full sailing season. We are pretty entertaining and he’s dancing me in the ground. 

A Pimm’s break in the famous palm court and some culture in the royal palace. We got 2min to have a look insight while they were closing the palace. It’s impressive, old, majestetic and kitschy. The garden is wow but we are not interested in running around in that rain. 

Let’s get back and cook some great stuff. 

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