Fare well “Hamburg Express”


Our time has come. 700nsm lay behind us. The boat is safe and sound in the habour. Laundry done and she shines from inside and outside. Even though we had our struggles with wind and waves, we made memories. 

This crew wasn’t randomly mixed and put together. We knew each other. At least someone knew someone. On recommendation only. And I must say, the mix was just great. I can’t remember a trip with such a balanced crew. 

We didn’t make it to the Channel Islands and sailing was a tough challenge. 

We renamed the tour: winter holidays in summer 2016 – a motorboat trip with uncertain destination. 

With this crew, this all wasn’t so important. We had a great time and the last leg -Brighton to Portsmouth- made it up for it all. LOL

See you soon, crew. ahoii. See you in winter in Hamburg, Hamburg Express. 

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