Summer night in Oxford 

It’s a summer day in Oxford, one of the kind that make it easy to fall in love with a city. Which I am ever since I came the first time in spring 2013. 

It’s the first time I used the train station. Well I knew it exists but the bus towards London was stopping infront of our house, so there was no need for the train. I was on school exchange in 1998 and had to commute by train every morning. I remember it as a noisy, unpleasant ride. So I never felt the urge to use a train in the UK ever again. It’s 18 years ago… Right. Coming up from Portsmouth to Oxford by train was quit convient, even changing the connection wasn’t a husstle at all. So train is something one can do in the UK. 

My cousin Annia picks me up. It’s interesting how things develop. She came to visit me in 2015 and somehow she stayed – who could blame her, the city is just beautiful- and now I am visiting her, on a perfect summer day. 

We bring the bags in her flat, that was once mine and became ours. Great memories on calm summer nights and stormy winters. Roof top, open kitchen and the glas panorama makes the flat a light place, feeling like being outside, even though your sitting on the couch. This flats ruins one for ever. Everyone who stayed here in the last years agrees on that. 

We don’t stay long, just popped by and walked into town. So much to catch up on, best with a Pimm’s on Oxfords rooftop bar with a view over the camera. 

It’s a great evening. Actually we are dressed to warm but in Oxford you never know. 

France plays Island to night and some of the crowd are in a pub watching it. We have enough sunshine and join them. 

On the way I told Annia that I messaged my friend Jenn that I am in town but don’t know if she is and haven’t heard back from her jet. I haven’t told anyone else. Usually that wasn’t nesseccary, there was always something going on. Tonight: European Championship. 

And I can’t believe no one said a word. Jenn and Annia agreed on a surprise and it worked out well. 

The night will be long. Jenn and I end up in a pub and at the posh nosh food wagon at some point in the night. 

Fries with salat and a damn hot (but good) chilli sauce. 

How good nights end? With a good lough. 

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