clocks tick differently in ancient cities “It’s been a year”- flashback. 

I am leaving the house at 5am. The bus stop is just infront on the other side of the street. The times I took the airport shuttle from here feel uncountable. Was it to fly to the headquarter to Germany or to visit friends and families… I really appreciated this convince during my time in Oxford. It was a year ago that I left Oxford the last time by the bus to catch a plane back to Munich, hand over the last documents and walk out of the office door for the last time. I still remember the sound of the door. It was an interesting feeling, free but not shut out. I loved my job. But was time for something else. 

 A year since I made this final step into an uncertain life.

I flew back to Oxford, packed the rest of my belongings in my car. I had nearly sold everything, including the car, handover will be Munich in a few weeks time. And so my journey began in Oxford. 

Time has passed. I thought I’d miss my job earlier, couldn’t be without it, without a reliable income. It’s been 1! year now. First stop was London to see my other cousin and god daughter, then the ferry to Netherlands, That day was my officially last day, the next morning will be a new chapter, I will wake up in Hamburg. 

The first thing I did was sailing to Helgoland, through the North Sea and the Eider. Then we moved to Australia Melbourne, I made my first sailing race experiences. Wow, that was so super cool. Adrenalin, challenge, power. Then Bali, relaxing, diving and yoga. But the month showed me that I can’t live that quiet life for long. Next was Perth, further south Mandurah, sailing wasn’t that accessible anymore but I never had a dull moment. There were times that I needed a meaning, a task but I always found it. Helped a friend out in her brewery, studied sport nutrition and joined the network marketing for the money part. It’s great to inspire people for a healthier living, to chase their dreams and get paid to do good. I missed sailing, Europe, history and the culture, the easy access to whole food. Mainly I missed sailing. I missed the rough sea. 

And here I go. Standing in the most beautiful city I’ve lived in, sea bag packed and waiting. 

In an old, historical and ancient city like Oxford a year is nothing. It’s just the blink of an eye.  The clocks tick differently. And this is how it is. It wasn’t ever easy but it was worth it all. 

I don’t feel I am leaving for ever. As I didn’t last year. 

Next time things will be abit different. My cousin is moving out of this flat next to the airport bus, so I will not crash on “my” couch again, but I will ever have a home in Oxford. 

Ps: the post picture is from November 2014, in case you wondered why the trees have no leaves. I took it out of the airport bus passing by South Park. It is that picture that comes on my mind when I think of the airport bus leaving in the morning hours. 

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