Oxford – a walk through history

Annia is looking for a new place, moving in a house with two other friends. We take it for a good occasion to walk through the neighborhood. 

The fish restaurant that we loved changed ownership but Nadja our beloved waitress is still there.  

I couldn’t find the 1kg of Mussels on the menu hanging in the window but our attention got carried away by the paella 😂

Desert was Coconut nan bread from cumins, just across the street.  

And afterwards a longer walk through town, past by the old houses, university buildings and collages, the pubs that fight about the title “oldest pub in town”… Memories come up but compared to the age of this stones they are just a blink of a moment….

We strall with out a real plan… Pass by the fast food wagon from last night. Annia tells me he knows the owner. Funny, me too and he is amused to see us together. He never got that connection and I am sure he knows what goes on in this town. 

We walk towards the meadow were wild horses graze. We saw ducks, swans and cattle this time. 

And with all the brexit story, one thing cought our attention:

And this will be my last dark night for a while. 

Good night. 

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