Adventure norwegian Airport

I reached the airport in time and the kilo overweight in my suitcase didn’t seem to bother anyone. 

My language is checked through but I have to declare it custom at the first stoop in Norway before transit. Hm. Never done that before but will be ok , I guess. 

The boarding doesn’t start on time, everyone gets in a bus and it feels like quite a journey until we reach the plane. It’s a small one. By the time everyone is on board we’ve missed the slot and have to wait, and wait for the next one. 

The flight is considerably quiet but I feel dissy, seasick or migraine. Neither nor, Nothing I need now. I try to sleep. The clouds look like icebergs to me. 

We land in Oslo 12.38pm wait no, time difference: 1.38pm. Which means my connection to Tromsø will airborne in 2 min. That is just not cool. I booked the early flight for a reason, even though it costs a few bugs more. I am tiered, my head aches and now I have to deal with more than I preferred. 

The flight personal doesn’t know about my connection and recommends I talk to the first ground person I see. 

I don’t see any, get my language and walk up to the baggage drop of in the departure hall. There is staff but no one seems to bother that I am there. A new crew member approaches and I ask her to help me out. She has no idea but knows that the ticket office might help and shows me the way. Wow, she made up for the others. 

Ticket office tells me I got rebooked on the evening flight. Ok. Thank you. I get text messages about every gate change but need to carry all my language around the half airport to learn I got rebooked. Not good. 

I queue up for check in, nearly an hour. New ticket, new bag tags. No questions on the weight. All good. 

Again security. And what happens here is just… Arrrg. The security guy standing in front of the body scanner keeps itching his balls, not like unobtrusively, no full force does he sort himself from right to left and back. I am queuing again  for a while and need to witness it for a while. He gets exchanged. I which him he can go to toilet now. When I pick up my stuff on the other side he comes back. Still holding himself. Does he really thinks it can fall off? Anyway. That is not the way I feel security should present themselves. 

I got over it, eventually. 

Then I see a suitcase on its own on the movement area. Really?!

Well maybe it’s hitch hiking towards a nicer place…


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